Typewolf: An Excellent Resource For Choosing Web Fonts

It's often hard to get a good feel for a web font based purely on a specimen sheet, or a block of lorem ipsum ("The quick brown fox" isn't much better). Typewolf was created to help with that exact problem, showcasing web fonts "in the wild."

Typewolf: Typography Inspiration for the Modern Web

Created by designer and art director Jeremiah Shoaf, Typewolf touts itself as more than just a typical design showcase site. It aims to provide designers with a look at web fonts in their actual environment by showcasing one website a day, listing the main fonts used on that website, and recommended similar fonts.

Typewolf Site of the Day

Typewolf showcases "fonts in the wild," a great resource for those looking to find the perfect font for their project.

Typewolf also has a handful of resources including font recommendations, various font usage data, and other typography resources for every level of designer looking to add web fonts into their designs.  

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